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Starting Heads


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O I didn't know you could use GMS with models other than the ones that are "supported". See



Wouldn't you need to specify one of these numerical models so GMS knows what format to generate the model input files in?

Although there might be a "generic" mode...

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Hi all,

I was wondering if you knew how to make the starting head levels go on all layers and not just the top layer. I have a model and 15 layers that need the starting head values as well.


There are various ways to do this and it depends on how you are setting the starting heads. I assume that you are trying to set up a MODFLOW model.

If you are just setting a constant value then you can use the Constant->Grid button in the starting heads array editor.

If your values vary spatially then you can copy the entire spreadsheet from the top layer and paste the values to the other layers.

Let us know if you are trying something else.

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