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image coordinate transformation...

Mark Prater

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Good afternoon,

I have a *.tif image that I'm using as a SMS background while I'm developing an ADCIRC mesh. The image was originally unreferenced, and I geo-referenced it to NAD83 via the "Register Image" option. I then loaded in my lat/lon *.cst file, and the CST data and the image line up very nicely. So, I'm assuming I did all that correctly...

After creating an ocean boundary, I then transformed my project coordinates to UTM NAD83 (zone 18), and the image and CST data seem to transform differently. The CST data skews to the left, while the image skews to the right, although the two still overlap. Based on previous experience, I'm guessing that the CST transformed correctly, while the image did not.

I took snapshots of the SMS screen before and after transformation, and uploaded them in the file "mdp_conversion_problem.jpg" (83Kb) to demonstrate the issue.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, -- Mark


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Tom just tried doing the conversion in SMS 10.1 and the results look correct. We did a major overhaul on our coordinate system support in SMS 10.1. You may want to try downloading SMS 10.1 Beta from the Aquaveo Downloads page and using it for this project.

- John

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