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I am attempting to run the steering module with ADCIRC and CMS-WAVE. I have the wave spectra set up as a time series corresponding to the time interval for coupling and the overall length matching the ADCIRC simulation length. However, at the first ADCIRC run, get an end-of-file error for unit 23 (the radiation stress input file). The end of this file is as follows:

# The extra 2 lines so ADCIRC doesn't crash

1 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00


So it says it's adding 2 lines so ADCIRC doesn't crash, but it appears that only one line is added. Has anyone run into this issue before? How can I fix it? Thanks!

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