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Cross sections on 3d grid

Laura Rod

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I tried to use the Ugrid on my 3-layer model before, but I had to switch to a 3D grid after realizing that it is not possible to create cross sections on a Ugrid.

Now I'm facing a different issue. I created my cross sections but when the cells run dry they don't display in the cross section, and the layer displays with gaps. As soon as the cells flood the layer displays with no gaps.

I understand that as soon as the cell runs dry the cell IBOUND is inactive, but when the cell floods the IBOUND status changes to Active.

Is there a way to display the inactive cells on a cross section together with the water table? I just found the option of displaying them only on plain view but I need them displayed also in front and side views.

I tried the cross sections option. I managed to display the full layers but the water table is not displayed under that setting.



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