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Insertion of a weir in tuflow


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Hello i would like to know, how to insert a single weir in a 2d grid in tuflow?

Thank you for your help

What you would need to do is embed a 1D structure into the 2D grid. You will need to create a network coverage, a BC coverage, and a 1D/2D connection coverage.

1. In the network coverage, you will create an arc that will represent the weir. Double click on the arc and and set type to weir and edit the attributes.

2. In the BC coverage create 4 arcs that create a box around where the weir will exist. Double click on the arcs upstream and downstream of the weir and change the type to flow source from 1Dmodel (SX). This will allow flow through these arcs into the 1D weir, leave the two arcs on the sides as not used.

3. Choose feature objects| build polygons. Double click on the polygon created and set the cell code to inactive-in mesh. This removes this remove the cells from the solution but they are still output in the solution mesh.

4. Make sure in Edit|preferences map tab, the snap feature objects to displayed inactive coverage nodes and vertices is selected.

5. In the 1D/2D coverage click arcs from one endpoint of each SX arc (created in step 2) and to the rearest weir endpoint.

6. Add the BC coverage created in step 2 to your geometry component. Drag the network connection and 1D/2D coverages under your simulation.

7. Setup the 1D model parameters by right clicking on your simulation.

8. Run the model

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