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Extracting XYZ Data from Mesh


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Hello SMS Users,

I have the following problem: I need additional elevation points in xyz format for extending cross sections. I've loaded a digital terrain model into SMS and created a mesh. I also created a coverage (line with vertexes) on a specific part of the mesh from which i want to extract the point coordinates and elevation information. I've tried to create a scatter set from the coverage and export the information in ascii format, but the data wasn't exported in xyz format. Does anyone have an idea how to export xyz data from a created line or points?

Best regards an thanks in advance for an suggestions,


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Hi Christian

I am not sure if I got that right, but try this:

convert your map coverage (right klick on your coverage map --> 2d scatter) to a scatter set and be sure to check the boxes in the menu as shown in the attachment.

then mark your scatter set, got to "save as", choose save as text file and then in the menu, there you can choose which value should go in column 1 to 3, for example X in 1, Y in 2 and Z in 3. (check attachment 2)

I'll hope that will do it for you.





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As I understand it, you want to extract a cross section from a scatter set. I have made a change to our Coastline files (*.cst) so you can use them to obtain this information. The changes will be available in the next update of SMS10.1. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a coverage and set the type to CGWAVE or ADCIRC
  2. Create the feature arcs to define the cross sections you would like to extract from the scatter set - you may want to redistribute the arcs so you have enough points to represent the bathymetry
  3. Set the feature arc type to Mainland using the menu command Feature Objects | Attributes with the arcs selected
  4. In the Scatter Module, choose the menu command Scatter | Interpolate to Map
  5. In the Map Module, choose the menu command File | Save As and select the save as type "Coastlien Files *.cst)

You will need to modify the file some to remove the extra lines. Do you have ADCIRC or CGWAVE enabled?

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