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Tom Moreland

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Welcome to the new support forum for users of GMS, SMS and WMS. This forum is hosted by Aquaveo, the company that develops and provides support for the XMS software packages. The forum hosted by EMS-I is being discontinued, but it will remain online for a time to allow searching of old topics. We are excited about this new forum as it has several useful features not available in the old forum:

  • Forum members have the option of subscribing to individual forums and receiving email notifications of new posts. Daily and weekly digest options are also available.
  • Searching capabilities have been enhanced.
  • Members of the XMS development teams can serve as moderators for the forums.
  • File attachments can be uploaded with posts.
  • Outstanding contributors to the forums can be identified and recognized.
Our goal is to provide a quality environment where XMS users can interact and ask questions. In addition to this forum, Aquaveo maintains an online XMS wiki at www.xmswiki.com. If you are a current, licensed user of GMS, SMS, or WMS, you can contact our technical support staff directly at support@aquaveo.com or by telephone at 801-691-5530.
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