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SMS 10.1 Beta Release

Rusty Jones

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SMS 10.1 Beta launch

We are ready to release the beta version of SMS 10.1. This version has been in development for approximately a year and a half and has numerous new features and feature enhancements.

You can download the executable from the following link: SMS 10.1 Download

What's New

We have focused special attention to working on features that all SMS users can benefit from regardless of the numeric engine you use with SMS.

64-bit version available. The installation comes with installations for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SMS. The 64-bit version requires a 64-bit operating system to run and use.

We have made particularly useful improvements in dealing with TINS in the scatter module including: breakline support including several creation options, GIS and AutoCAD conversion options which preserve triangulation, and the ability to merge scattersets of different priorities and maintain the initial triangulation in non-overlapping areas. Another new feature is the dataset toolbox which includes several new options for creating datasets from existing data. Annotations is a new feature for creating North Arrows, screen space images (logos), scale bars, as well as rectangles, lines, and ovals. The new annotations exist in layers that can be turned off and on independently.

In addition to the general improvements made to the SMS interface, several of the model interfaces have been updated and improved.

These are only a few of the new features of SMS 10.1. For a full list of our new features, please see the following page on our wiki:



The beta version of SMS 10.1 works with your existing SMS 10.0 registration and should work automatically. When SMS 10.1 is released in full, passwords will be available for all users with up to date maintenance contracts. Contact sales@aquaveo.com to get your maintenance up to date to prepare for the SMS 10.1 release.


We are interested in your experiences with SMS particularly during the beta period. Please send feedback to sms.feedback@aquaveo.com.

A Word About Beta Software

This beta release is meant for experimentation and testing purposes only and not for production work. We will continue to develop this release until we feel it is suitable for final release. Please keep a backup of your files in the event something does go wrong during your testing. We welcome any feedback you may have.

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