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This somewhat relates to my previous post. We are using a Generic model with the SRN2D progrom. We were provided a templete file which a text file with a .2dm extension. The file is passing instructions to SMS. Is it possible to obtain any general information related to the proper formating to do this. We can edit the text file but we have to be carefull because it is not obvious what effects the lines in the file might have. It appears to be appending some unnecessary lines to the working .2dm file each time it is saved. I hesitate to go back to the developer because the program was provided free without support.

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The .2dm file is described here.

If you are using SRH-2D often you may want to add a command line argument to your SMS shortcut so that SMS reads the .2dm file automatically when SMS is launched. The process to do this is described in Chapter 3, page 15 of Yong Lai's SRH-2D manual (Manual-SRH2D-v2.0-Nov2008.pdf) available in the SRH2D-v2-Distribution-Package-Jan2009.zip on the Bureau of Reclamation SRH-2D website.

If you use the command line argument option, you shouldn't have to reopen the template file each time manually to get started with SRH-2D.

- John

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