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Manning's N - Generic Model


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We are using the generic model for SRH2D. We are trying to represent an opening in an embankment without changing the mesh layout. The mesh elements are larger than the opening. We are trying to compensate by increasing the N value. When we try to increase to a value larger than 0.2 the program appears to default back to a maximum value of o.2. We want to use values greater than 0.2. We can edit the ".2DM" file but we think it will change back to 0.2 when we save. Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated. Sorry, please ignore this post. The problem is in a templete file (.2dm file) we are loading for the SRH2D program. It sets a max value for N. We can edit that templete file.

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I'm glad you were able to resolve the problem. I'm guessing you found the line in the .2dm file Yong Lai has put together for SRH-2D that limits the Manning's Coefficient to the range of 0.0 to 0.2, to help prevent users from using unreasonable values for typical situations.

MD  1 "Manning's Coefficient"
MV "Manning's Coefficient" 0 0 0.2

The .2dm file is described here.

I have attached the SRH-2D template file that we have been using to test SRH-2D and will be distributed with SMS 10.1. Yong Lai has a different version also for SMS 8.1. Both are available from the SRH-2D website.

We are very excited about the SRH-2D model. How long have you been using SRH-2D? What types of applications have you used it on?

- John


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