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Sewat-2000 and GMS

Marco Benini

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You could build your model in GMS, export the native MODFLOW and MT3D input files, add a Variable-Density Flow (VDF) Process input file and run SEAWAT. For the example "Henry classic case 1" this route worked.

Unfortunately SEAWAT produces binary UCN output files that cannot be imported in GMS to visualize the results. (XMSwiki: "GMS does not read in the .ucn file generated in MT3DMS/SEAWAT simulations outside of GMS. The source code of MT3DMS was changed to create a .con file instead. If you would like to import .ucn files, you need to copy the MT3DMS code modified for GMS and paste it into the source code of the version of MT3DMS or SEAWAT you are using and recompile it.")

Maybe as an interim solution the GMS Development team could provide a SEAWAT version that produces CON files. :rolleyes:

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Here is a work around that I have used.

Go into the directory where the UCN file is located.

Change the extension to hed

Create a text file in the same directory.

Give the text file the same prefix as the UCN file and change the extension to mfn

Now in GMS, go to the modflow menu and choose the read solution command.

Browse to the location of the new mfn file and select the file and click ok.

GMS should read the UCN file as if it were a modflow head file.

So if my UCN file is called MT3D001.UCN, I would change it to MT3D001.hed and create a file called MT3D001.mfn. Then I select read solution from the MODFLOW menu and find MT3D001.mfn.

Let me know if this works for you. Thanks.

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To create a SEAWAT model the 3D grid also needs to have a MODFLOW model. With the latest version of GMS you should be able to right click on the 3D grid in the project explorer to create a SEAWAT model. In older versions you may need to select the Edit | Model Interfaces... menu item and toggle on the SEAWAT item in the list. This should add a SEAWAT menu item to the menu bar from which you can create a SEAWAT model.

Another thing to check is that you have a license for SEAWAT, select the Help | Register... menu item. The SEAWAT Interface item in the list should say Enabled. If it isn't enabled then you would need to contact Aquaveo Sales at http://www.aquaveo.com/contact-us for a license.

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I am attempting to import a SEAWAT V4 model from USGS (This archive contains SEAWAT-2000 input and output files for the ground-water flow model described in USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2009-5039, "Simulation of groundwater flow in the Coastal Plain Aquifer System of Virginia" by C.E. Heywood and J.P. Pope.).  The model runs to completion and the output is consistent with the report.

The NAM file contains the VDF package for transport [I had to move the DATA(BINARY) records to the end as the translator didn't like them upfront to import the model].  The VDF package was not recognized during the import process. 

Any ideas for trouble shooting this problem?

GMS 10.2.2 (64-bit)
Build Date: Nov 14 2016

Registration info attached





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