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mapping materials display going wrong on edges

Laura Rod

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I'm mapping two different materials on two layers. I assigned material 1 to layer 1 and material 2 to layer 2 but the display is not correct on the edges of my model. I checked the elevations of one cell and it has the same value on top layers 1 and 2, and bottom layers 1 and 2. At first I thought that was the issue but later I found that other cells have the same issue but the color display is correct. Do you have any idea why this could be happening? Is this a software bug?



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The Layer 2 material_2 could be showing up where there are errors and the Layer 2 cell top is higher than the Layer 1 top, which is consistent with your comment that you have Layer 2 tops equal to Layer 1 tops at the same x,y. If you have a constant elevation assigned to a layer, check and re-load the values. If you interpolated elevations to the layers, run Check Simulation to check for and fix layer elevation errors. If you don't have layer elevation errors, it could result from the Fix Layer Errors function where pinched out layers are assigned the properties of an adjacent layer or are deactivated .

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