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Control Structure in 2D Mesh


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Can I add a 1D element control structure into a 2D Mesh? Within the mesh? How would I do that?

I am trying to add a pipe inlet and outlet to a constructed wetland mesh. The inlet and outlet are not at the boundary of the mesh. Based on the help files, model documents and tutorials, I should be able to do this but I don't know how to separate the 1D and 2D elements in my mesh.

Any suggestions or experiences from people who have done this would be most appreciated. Also references to documentation about HOW to do it, rather than just the theory would be helpful.



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I believe you can add a pipe inlet / outlet 1D element on the interior of a mesh if you are using FESWMS or TUFLOW, although I have never tried to do it myself. The (free) version of RMA2 that the Army Corps of Engineers distributes only allows pipe inlets / outlets on the boundary of the mesh. I believe the developers of RMA2 offer a version of RMA2 that has additional capabilities, which may include what you are looking for.

If you want to perform constituent transport in RMA4, you will need to use RMA2 for your hydrodynamics. If you want to look at sediment transport, you can use FESWMS, although there are known issues with the sediment transport routines in FESWMS. Sediment transport in TUFLOW and SRH-2D is under development.

- John

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I'm using SMS 9.0 (if that matters) and rma2 v. 4.56. I have managed to manually add 1D sections to 2D meshes to represent power plants and such. It does require a fair amount of work, though. I prepared a brief description of the process (attached). Use at your own risk and make frequent backups, as renumbering the nodes etc. might lead you in to trouble.

The example provided is a rectilinear channel of constant depth with through flow from left to right. I modify it by inserting a control structure (1d) to middle of the channel to control the discarge.

As always, have fun with modeling!



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