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Timestep diverged after seperating of the model area

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Hello people,


In my model SRH-2D created an unlogical amount of discharge out of nowhere so I decided to divide the model into two seperate models with the goal to use the upper part's exit-discharge as the lower part's inlet-discharge.

However in both the new upper and the lower model SRH2D stops right away saying that the code diverged; further reduction of time step would help the problem.
In the original model I was able to use 2s-timesteps. In the two new ones I already went down to 0.1 s and it still doesn't work.
Does anyone have an idea about the reason for that or how to solve the problem?

When I did the first run with the ZONAL approach I also got the error message from the pre-processor: "stopped in rd_block_prop.f90 N_ZONE | Error Code is: 29"
I used DRY as initial condition afterwards but does somebody know what that error code means?

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