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Wetland modelling in RMA2?


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I am wanting to hydraulically model a constructed wetland with the ultimate goal of tracking contaminant transport and sediment deposition. I was told that RMA2/RMA4/FESWMS would be able to do this.

I have a submerged inlet and outlet, during storm events with a permanent water level in the wetland. This means that I have considerable change in wet/dry elements.

My initial thought is to start with a completely flooded pond in order to obtain my hotstart file however that situation will never occur in reality. I am having some trouble getting the inlet and outlet boundary conditions set due to the fact that they are within the facility and not actually a water boundary.

I would appreciate some tips from anyone who has successfully used SMS for this type of application.

Thanks, Kerri

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One thing to consider if you want to run RMA4 is that you will need a hydrodynamic solution from RMA2. In RMA2, you may need to introduce a small "tear" in your mesh to have a boundary on which you can apply the desired boundary condition. For FESWMS, you can apply a nodal source/sink boundary condition to an internal node.

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