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Running HEC RAS in WMS


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I have a centerline coverage and a cross section coverage along with a TIN. I'm trying to define roughness values for the model. I have created materials in Edit | Material Data and entered roughness values in HEC-RAS | Material Properties.... when I go into HEC-RAS | Model Control there is no option to select 'Materials' for use in generating roughness values. Do I need to build polygons and creat a new coverage for the roughness values?


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You'll want to create polygons on an area property coverage. Once you build polygons, you can double click on each polygon and assign it a material. Like you said, in the HEC-RAs Material properties window, you can associate a roughness value with each material. So then when you extract cross-sections, line properties will be generated from the Area Property coverage. Once you do this, you should be able to select "Materials" from the Model Control drop down box.


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