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Modflow BC an HK values

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I set up a modflow model, 4 layers, with the following BC:

- left side, BC specific head with values derived from an interpolation of field head value (1 to 4 layers)

- right side, BC specific head for sea mean water level (1 to 4 layers)

I've no recharge because rainfall is equal to evapotraspiration.

I run the model in steady state with HK1 value from Lefranc pumping well test. I read flow budget, 100 mc/day.

I change the HK2 value from step test analysis (HK2, 10 times greater than HK1). I read flow budget, 1000 mc/day (10 times greater, of course Q=kiA).

I look to observations wells in both the simulations and everything seems ok.

Is there a way to choose HK (HK1 o HK2) values based on the observations well head values?

Are the BC too strong that they fit even HK3 (10 times greater than HK1)?

On the steady state configuration I've to set up a well barrier to intercept the flux.


D Lattuada

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I searched google and I've found this USG document:

USGS - The Effects of Boundary Conditions on the Steady-State Respons (site:http://pubs.er.usgs.gov/usgspubs/wsp/wsp2315).



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