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generating mesh for a reservoir and its downstream/ZONAL approach


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Hello everybody,

I am using SMS community version and SRH2D, I have 2 problem:

1. How to generate a mesh for a reservoir and its downstream while there is a difference between their elevations (sth like a drop)?

I would attach the schematic figure. 

2. I need to model 2 zones with different initial water elevations (upstream: 20cm water, downstream: dry), I could not find zonal approach in model control/ SRH2D simulation

Any idea can be helpful, thanks


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Dear pariya,


I don't know about the mesh generating, but for the ZONAL approach you need to assign a different material type to each the reservoir and the downstream area. You should find the information about how to include the different ZONAL water elevations into the _SIF.dat file by going through the SRH-2D Preprocessor the Interactive way to generate the _SOF file.

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