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Remote Desktop Graphics Problems

Rusty Jones

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There can be problems using Remote Desktop with SMS. Some of the graphical features are disabled and sometimes you get a blank screen when you first log on. The blank screen will be fixed in the upcoming version of SMS but can be fixed on older versions by restarting SMS.

The reasons SMS has problems with remote desktop is based upon how graphics are handled. SMS uses Opengl for graphics rendering. Opengl is a standard library for graphics but implementations vary on their level of support.

When using remote desktop, Microsoft's software implementation of Opengl is used (and we have no control over this) which only supports through version 1.1 (the latest version of Opengl is currently 3.1).

Another option is to use a different software package to access your computer remotely. One option is RealVNC. This software allows you to remote to a machine and use the graphics capabilities on that machine. There is a free version but this has not been tested with SMS. The enterprise version has been tested and works well. You can find out more at their website http://www.realvnc.com/.

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