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I have an observation well along the path of one of my drains. The model is a transient model. The drain is set at 276.5 and the head value in the map view reports 276.5 when I put the cursor over it during the time period that I am interested in.

Both the drain and the observation well are in Layer 1, but when I plot up a time-series of the observation well, it reports the head as 281.5. The observation coverage is Layer 1, and the default elevation for that layer is 276.5. The layer is sloped so 276.5 is not always in Layer 1, but it is in Layer 1 at the location of the observation well. Does anyone know why the observation well is reporting a different head than the map view is reporting?

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Just to clarify - the 281.5 in the time-series plot is for the same time step as when you were looking in the map view, right?

Brainstorming: Are you plotting the observation well, or the cell that the well & drain are in (shouldn't matter, but, again, I'm brainstorming here)?

Yes, the 281.5 is for the same time step as the step in the map module. I am plotting the observation well which is in the same cell as the drain.

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