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Problems with results shinnecock

maria jose

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I have a problem with the results of the example of the instruction manual of the adcirc version 8,1 ( shinnecock )

I accomplish everything give it the instruction manual and results are not the same colors for the fort.63 and the fort.64, to me gives me celestial whole and it is not change at all, not himself as would he be the error, somebody to once this problem was had?? Do they know like solving it?? Would somebody say to oneself the steps to fire him well???

They can help me please, I am all right made feel inferior when could have run the model. :(


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el problema que tengo es:

estoy utilizando la version 8.1 SMS y realizando el ejemplo (shinnecock bay off of long in New York)

cuando hago correr el ejemplo, no me arroja los mismos resultados que dice el tutorial 8.1

¿sera problemas de los leprovost que estoy utilizando?

¿o sera que estoy visualizando mal lo resultados, me podrian decir como visualizarlos bien?

¿La fecha de los leprovost tiene alguna relevancia o importancia en los resultados? porque la fecha que les coloco es 0 horas/ 1 dia/ 2 mes /2000 año lo que dice el tutorial 8.1

en lo visual:

en el tutorial se ven los colores rojos, verdes, amarillos

en mi corrida solo se ve celestey azul

espero que se entienda, sino me dices porfavor


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The problem that I have is :

I am utilizing the version 8,1 SMS and accomplishing the example ( shinnecock bay off of long in New York )

When I put about the example, it does not yield the same results that the instruction manual says 8,1 to me

Will it be problems of the leprovost that I am utilizing ?

Or it will be that I am visualizing what worked out badly, would they tell me like visualizing them well?

Does the leprovost's date have any relevance or importance in the results? Because the date that I place them is 0 hours 1 day 2 month /2000 year that says the instruction manual 8,1

In what's visual:

They see red colors, greens, yellows in the instruction manual

You look celestial and blue in my very race

I hope that you get along well, but you tell me please


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Maria Jose,

It is possible that you are using a different color ramp than the one shown in the tutorials. You can edit the color ramp in the display options dialog. It sounds like you may be using an intensitry ramp instead of a hue ramp. Also make sure that you are not using a specified range (min / max) for the contour data range.

See the article on display options for additional explanation here.

- John

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