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Coordinate conversion problem


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Upon re-opening a WABED project, my cartesian grid keeps moving to another location & converting to feet...any reason why??

My original scatter set was in English units (from bathy.xyz), this was converted to metric. Mesh, map & 2D Grid were created in metric units. Ran WABED, loaded results - everything is good and in metric units. But once you close the project and open it again, the grid is moved to the original location of the scatter set and converted to english units. Only the grid is moved: scatter & mesh data in desired (metric) location. This has happened 4 times now and obviously cumbersome since I need to recreate my grid everytime....any help for why this would be happening?

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I tried several WABED grids in SMS but I couldn't reproduce the problem. You are welcome to send your project to our tech support staff and we can take a look (support @aquaveo.com.) WABED requires Metric units but SMS will allow you to work in English units. The problem could be that you have the project units set to English and SMS performs a conversion each time you load the WABED grid.

If you could send us your project files or list the steps that cause this to happen, it would help us identify what is happening.

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