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I run Modflow Check simulation and I get this error for n cells:

-Starting head lower than bottom elevation in cell i=122, j=1, k=1.

My model is build from solid (1 hydrological unit - unconfined aquifer) and is divided into 6 modflow layers.

I need 6 layers because I will use barriers witch intersect different layers of the same aquifer.

All boundary conditions and HK affect layers 1 to 6.

Any suggestion?


D Lattuada

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Basically, the model is telling you that you have defined the cell as being dry to start your model run. If it is not a constant head, I would guess that it would just be a warning and let you run the model (the cell will immediately be dry). If you defined it as a constant head and it is below the bottom elevation of the cell, that should be an error and you would have to correct things in your model starting conditions in that/those cells.

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