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Lots of changes to the graphics have been made starting with WMS 8.1. Specifically, graphics are now rendered with your computer hardware instead of the software. Though I can't reproduce this problem on my own machine, I'm guessing the issue is related to the graphics updates. There is a graphics troubleshooting page here to help: http://xmswiki.com/xms/Graphics_Card_Troubleshooting.

The troubleshooting page contains a link to a file you can download and put in your WMS directory to force the program to use software rendering instead of hardware rendering. If you're having graphics issues, this is an easy solution until all all the graphics kinks get worked out. To download the file, scroll down on the troubleshooting page to the topic "Switch from Hardware to Software Rendering." If this still doesn't work, you could also contact technical support and send them your file to look at.

I hope this helps.


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Another tip is that there was a problem reading MrSID files in WMS 8.2 beta, but this problem does not exist in the latest version of WMS 8.1. Were you using WMS 8.2 beta? If so, try downloading the latest version of WMS 8.1 from the web and you should be able to read the MrSID file. MrSID support will be in the release version of WMS 8.2, which will be available next week.

Like Clark says, you should send your image file to tech support so we can look at it if you continue to have trouble displaying it.



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