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13.1 Exit-H Boundary Condition Issue


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I'm working in SMS version 13.1 with a SRH-2D model initially created in version 13.0. When setting up the downstream Exit-H boundary condition, I am getting a different normal depth WSE in each version. Using the "Populate" tool in 13.0, I get a WSE of 21.5. The "Channel Calculator" tool in 13.1 (the new interface for the old "Populate" tool), I get a WSE of 17.3 with the exact same inputs and surface. Using a separate normal depth calculator, version 13.0's WSE is correct. 

13.1 is also giving an incorrect cross sectional graph with the "Channel Calculator." Below is the correct cross section at the boundary condition:


Below is the cross section that Version 13.1 seems to be using to calculate the normal depth:


The mesh is only about 730 feet wide at the location of the boundary condition, so the Channel Calculator appears to be pulling scatter data in this plot, despite the fact that the ground elevation dataset I supplied was the mesh, not the scatter data. 

I've only encountered this issue with one model so far. Has anyone else encountered something similar or have any ideas about what is going on? Thank you

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