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ADCIRC - Tidal Attenuation


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I am putting together an ADCIRC model for Delaware Bay and have run into a significant snag.

The model is forced with an ocean tidal boundary, a WSE at the C&D Canal, and three upstream inflows.

The problem is that the tidal elevation signal attenuates rapidly up the bay, when in reality the signal should be amplified due to the estuary geometry. The tide amplitude at Philadelphia should be larger than at the bay mouth, but this is not happening. I've lowered the friction and wave continuity coefficients significantly, and this helps slightly, but the pattern remains that upstream tides decay rather than amplify. This happens even with the upstream inflows shut off completely.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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You have probably solved this by now but when I had a problem with the ocean boundary forcing decayinh rapidly, which in my case was within a few nodes of the boundary, it was due to the fort.15 file and the grid being in different coordinate systems. I chose lat lon in one and cartesian in the other. This is bad :( It probably wasn't your problem but I thought I would add it here anyway :)


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