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Setting up site geometry in GMS


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This follows on from my previous topic "How to import conceptual model boundary points"...

I am wanting to do some testing of FEMWATER against analytical solutions to several transport problems. The analytical solutions typically assume a rectangular domain. For example the "patch-source" problem of Cleary & Ungs (1978) modelled in Daus, A. D., and E. O. Frind (1985), An Alternating Direction Galerkin Technique for Simulation of Contaminant Transport in Complex Groundwater Systems, Water Resour. Res., 21(5), 653–664.

How do I set up a rectangular domain with rectangular mesh elements in GMS?

Thanks in advance

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I finally figured it out.

For those who are interested, take the conceptual model and "Map -> 3D Grid" (custom, mesh centred).

Then "Grid -> 3D Mesh".

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