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two or more models in SMS


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Dear All,

I am new in using SMS v.10.

here i have a question. I want to build a simulation of several ponds at its channels in an area (all ponds are relatively near).

can we simulate several ponds in one project?

otherwise, we might simulate them into several project, because there might be problems in disjoint nodes.

thank you very much for the information.



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What model are you using? Some models become numerically unstable if disjoint areas of the mesh are wet, or separate ponds develop. All parts of your mesh will need to be connected with elements. A possible exception is FESWMS, which allows you to connect parts of your 2D domain with 1D structures. SRH-2D and TUFLOW are more stable when wetting and drying do occur, especially if disjoint "wet" areas develop due to transient boundary conditions.

- John

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