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Extracting Baseflow from GSSHA Simulation


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Is it possible to get time-varying baseflows from a GSSHA simulation using WMS? WMS provides a summary of groundwater fluxes to GSSHA model stream channels, but not time-series.

The impetus for my inquiry is that I am modeling the hydrology of several tile-drained watersheds with the goal of determining the fraction of runoff is contributed by subsurface drainage in these systems over a range of antecedent moisture and precipitation conditions. The problem is that I have limited information about the locations of tile for some of the watersheds. Instead of guessing where the tile are, I'm considering increasing the hydraulic conductivity of soils that are likely tile-drained to approximate tile drainage. However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to get the time-series of subsurface stream contributions using this scheme, unlike with the SuperLink model which provides options for hydrograph outputs.



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