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Disappearing contours


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I saved a TIN in progress, and WMS 7.1 shut down shortly afterwards. When I reopened the file, the contours were no longer displayed. I have tried everything I can think of to display the contours, including opening the file in 7.0, and the data looks fine. Has anyone seen this problem before?

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One thing you might try is to delete your WMS.INI file. This file saves all your display settings and the problem might just be a matter of your display settings not being set correctly. This file is located in the same directory as your WMS executable. Go to that directory in Windows Explorer and delete the file. Your display settings will be reset and hopefully your contours will show up on your TIN again. If this does not work, go to your display options (and contour options) and make sure your contours are turned on. Finally, make sure your elevation values on your TIN are reasonable for all the vertices. You can view the minimum and maximum elevation values on your TIN from the TIN contour options dialog. The data set properties dialog for the TIN elevation dataset also shows the elevation values on your TIN.


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I deleted both the WMS.ini file and, when that made no changes, the specific tin .ini file.

My contours are turned on.

All the elevation values look reasonable (when I look specifically at elevation values)

Minimum value for contour: 0

Maximum value for contour: 5725

(these are also reasonable)

So what can I do to get the contours back?

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