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Announcing the Beta Release of Groundwater Modeling System 7.0

John Howlett

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Announcing the Beta Release of Groundwater Modeling System 7.0

Version 7.0 will be freely available to all GMS 6.5 users who have current paid maintenance!

New Features in 7.0:

  • Support for WindowsTM VistaTM
  • New Tutorials
  • Model Enhancements
  • Expanded ArcGIS Support
  • Interface Improvements

Support for WindowsTM VistaTM

In addition to WindowsTM XP, GMS now fully supports WindowsTM VistaTM in version 7.0.

New Tutorials

Additional tutorials have been added to help you learn advanced MODFLOW capabilities in GMS including MODFLOW SFR2 and MODFLOW Advanced Parameters.

Model Enhancements

MODFLOW enhancements including new MODFLOW packages, support for quasi-3D confining beds, reading MODFLOW 2000 simulations created outside of GMS, and others are included in GMS 7.0.

UTEXAS enhancements include laterally varying unit weight, Solid cross sections and materials properties make using UTEXAS easier to use and more productive.

Expanded ArcGIS Support

Arc Hydro Groundwater is a new product that is integrated with ESRI's ArcGIS and supports MODFLOW and groundwater modeling. GMS can export data in a geodatabase consistent with the Arc Hydro Groundwater standard.

The ArcObjects libraries in GMS have been updated to the latest ESRI offers.

Interface Improvements

Model menus don't disappear when you switch modules in GMS 7.0 making it easier to work.

Safer saving via temp directories allows you to export your model files to a temporary directory first, and then, when everything is saved, removes the old files and moves the new files from the temp directory to the actual directory.

Global Mapper's standard interface is now used for reprojecting from one coordinate system to another.

The Materials Dialog has been improved with a simplified table interface.

Separate color ramps can now be specified for objects like borehole sample data, scatter data and vector arrows.

Download the beta release of GMS 7.0: Click Here

Learn more about what's new in GMS 7.0: Click Here

A Word About Beta Software

This beta release is meant for experimentation and testing purposes only and not for production work. We will continue to develop this release until we feel it is suitable for final release. Please keep a backup of your files in the event something does go wrong during your testing. We welcome any feedback you may have. This beta will expire 45 days after it was compiled and will not launch after this period.

Learn more at: http://www.aquaveo.com

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I'm having trouble getting it to enable all of the modules on my hardware lock. I'll try to summarize what happens and send it over to tech support...

I am having the same problems. When it start GMS want to enable the software. When i choose hardlock it starts installing some drivers and than it shuts down. to Any suggestions?

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There has been some confusion about how the beta version is enabled. In the past, GMS beta versions were enabled automatically. This has changed for GMS 7.0 beta, which requires a password to enabled the beta. If you have a license for GMS 6.5, you will still need to enable the 7.0 beta version with a password. The easiest way to do this is to select the "Request evaluation license" option in the registration wizard. After completing this step, an email containing a registration code will immediately be sent to you. If you do not receive the email or if you have any other questions about GMS, please contact us by email support @aquaveo.com or phone 801-691-5530.

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