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WMS 8.2 Beta Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.2 Beta has been posted to the xmswiki.com web site. The main purpose of this update was to fix a problem with the WMS 8.2 beta version not working with WMS 8.1 hardware locks. The best place to obtain the update is from the WMS 8.2 beta download page on the xmswiki.com web site. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

None-12/6/2009-12/6/2009-Fixed a problem with WMS 8.2 not working with WMS 8.1 hardware locks

272-12/2/2008-3/6/2009-WMS writes out MODRAT basin numbers incorrectly

465-1/19/2009-3/6/2009-WMS crashes when color fill contouring one contour

649-3/4/2009-3/5/2009-WMS crashes when converted TIN to DEM

548-2/6/2009-3/5/2009-Crash converting TIN to DEM without triangulating TIN

645-3/3/2009-3/5/2009-WMS 8.1 Bug - Saving as .sup or .shp file

More information is available on the xmswiki.com site.


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A Word About Beta Software: This beta release is meant for experimentation and testing purposes only and not for production work. We will continue to develop this release until we feel it is suitable for final release. Please keep a backup of your files in the event something does go wrong during your testing. We welcome any feedback you may have. This beta will expire 45 days after it was compiled and will not launch after this period.
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We found this problem that the beta version was slow on some computers. On other computers, it worked fine. I believe this problem has been fixed...all the computers we have tried it on that were having the slow down problem work fine now. However, the fix is only available in the final release version of WMS 8.2, which was made available for download yesterday. If you have a up-to-date maintenance agreement for WMS, you can download WMS 8.2 and get a register code to enable the software from Aquaveo. You will need to uninstall WMS 8.2 beta before installing the WMS 8.2 release. WMS 8.2 can be downloaded here (it's really big, about 600 MB). You should also be able to request a CD by calling Aquaveo.


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