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WMS 8.1 Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

737-12/8/2008-3/4/2009-Base Flow Parameters in HEC-1 not written properly to HEC-HMS

341-12/19/2008-3/2/2009-TIN triangulation and display bugs in WMS 8.1 and WMS 8.2

435-1/13/2009-2/26/2009-SWMM hydraulic schematic data not written to .wpr or .wms (xmdf) project files

498-1/27/2009-2/26/2009-Crash when reading project file into WMS 8.2

431-1/13/2009-2/25/2009-SMPDBK parameters not saved to .wms (xmdf) project file

282-12/5/2008-2/23/2009-Convert DEM to TIN crash

147-10/27/2008-2/19/2009-"DEM Contours, Color Filled Polygons, and DEM Streams share same draw space in WMS 8.1"

761-12/8/2008-2/19/2009-Reading the attached DEM files causes WMS to crash

294-12/9/2008-2/18/2009-Film Loop issues in Tutorial 6.3 and 6.4

762-12/8/2008-2/18/2009-WMS has problems reading the attached BIL files

553-2/9/2009-2/17/2009-Flood depth coverage doesn't accept user defined depth intervals

234-11/18/2008-2/16/2009-"WMS disappears when opening the project file at the beginning of the Volume VI, Chapter 4 tutorial."

261-11/26/2008-2/16/2009-"WMS 8.1 disappears upon completion of step 10, of the 5th tutorial on the gsshawiki."

262-11/26/2008-2/16/2009-WMS 8.1 Disappears upon completion of step 3 of Tutorials:7 Break-point Cross Sections on the GSSHA wiki.

308-12/11/2008-2/16/2009-Error Displaying Shapefiles

336-12/17/2008-2/16/2009-"WMS 8.2 Vanishes upon completion of step 3, section 2.3.6, of the Volume 2, Chapter 2 tutorial (Editing DEMs)."

111-10/11/2008-2/12/2009-"WMS kills itself upon completion of the step 2, section 2.6.1, of tutorial vol 3, chapter 2."

176-11/4/2008-2/12/2009-"On the WMS Testing machine WMS 8.1 disappears upon completion of tutorial Volume V, Chapter 2, Section 2.5.2, Step 1"

293-12/9/2008-2/12/2009-"WMS 8.1 crashes upon completion of step 21, section 2.4.2, in the MODRAT Chapter 2, MODRAT GIS Tutorial"

344-12/19/2008-2/12/2009-"XMDF (*.wms) file does not load (or possibly save) multiple datasets for 2D Grid, or single dataset for 2D Scatter"

874-12/8/2008-2/11/2009-"Tutorials, Volume I, Chapter 5, Section, Step 7. Crash"

875-12/8/2008-2/11/2009-"Tutorials, Volume I, Chapter 6, Section 6.2.4, Step 10. WMS Kills itself upon completion of this step."

430-1/13/2009-2/10/2009-TIN data and xmdf project file

437-12/8/2008-2/10/2009-Display Order andy nowak

659-12/8/2008-2/10/2009-Orange County testing results

734-12/8/2008-2/10/2009-Drawing order bug with drawing tools in 8.0 and 8.1

746-12/8/2008-2/10/2009-The Shuffle (display order) tools for drawing objects do not work

552-2/9/2009-2/9/2009-MODRAT 2.0 output (.out) problems

559-2/9/2009-2/9/2009-MODRAT 2.0 does not run when using input hydrograph files

545-2/6/2009-2/6/2009-Hydraulic structures entered at GSSHA nodes not saved

531-2/5/2009-2/5/2009-GSSHA retention depth option not working

527-2/4/2009-2/4/2009-Problems with the soil file running MODRAT 1.0

310-12/11/2008-1/30/2009-Change the radio buttons in the Watershed Data step of the hydrologic modeling wizard from radio buttons to toggle boxes

446-1/14/2009-1/30/2009-Problem saving wms.ini file from the hydrologic modeling wizard

340-12/18/2008-1/28/2009-WMS will not open gdm files with old coord sys

496-1/27/2009-1/27/2009-Crash deleting a GSSHA coverage

429-1/13/2009-1/26/2009-Reading in options set in the HEC-HMS Meteorologic Parameters

441-1/13/2009-1/26/2009-Extra default (elev) data set with ModClark model and .wms (xmdf) project file

493-1/26/2009-1/26/2009-Cropping collars on .tif images not working properly

296-12/9/2008-1/22/2009-WMS crashes when creating soil type coverage from the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard

440-1/13/2009-1/22/2009-HEC-HMS ModClark transform option not saved with .wpr or .wms (xmdf) project files

483-1/22/2009-1/22/2009-Hydrologic Modeling Wizard skips around

258-11/25/2008-1/19/2009-We don't read 2D grid datasets when saving/reading the grid as an XMDF file-see description

371-12/8/2008-1/19/2009-Help file not working for some help buttons

743-12/8/2008-1/19/2009-Save GSSHA Project File resets display options

183-11/6/2008-1/16/2009-WMS crash in Grid Options dialog

184-11/6/2008-1/16/2009-WMS crashes in Grid Options dialog (Displaying Grid Points)

359-12/23/2008-1/16/2009-Adverse slopes displayed on all coverages that support stream arcs

416-1/9/2009-1/16/2009-Crash when creating an index map before initializing GSSHA

428-1/13/2009-1/16/2009-WMS displays multiple hydrographs in the same window with the same color

278-12/4/2008-1/15/2009-Using radar rainfall data for long-term gridded simulation

241-11/20/2008-1/9/2009-WMS crashes (disappears) when using select feature line branch tool

228-11/14/2008-1/8/2009-WMS 8.1 crashes without warning when snapping the upstream nodes of two streams together

155-10/28/2008-1/6/2009-Fill below and Fill above options are backwards in WMS 8.1

233-11/18/2008-1/2/2009-"WMS 8.1 Disappears upon completion of the last step of section 2.13.1 of the Volume VI, Chapter 2 tutorial."

112-10/13/2008-12/30/2008-"Extra edit field for ""Round culverts"" in GSSHA"

142-10/24/2008-12/18/2008-Problem displaying filmloops

242-11/20/2008-12/18/2008-WMS crashes in Cross-Section Attributes dialog

217-11/12/2008-12/17/2008-Add tmcontours.dwg and trailmountain.dem to the Tins directory of tutorials for WMS 8.2

229-11/14/2008-12/17/2008-Add the lc.wpr file on Chris' computer and all its associated files to the HSPF tutorial directory and delete littlecotton.wpr

321-12/15/2008-12/17/2008-Displaying properties of selections in the Properties Window

322-12/15/2008-12/17/2008-Start time for link/node data sets in GSSHA models with precip gages not correct

181-11/4/2008-12/16/2008-We need a default max conveyance depth value for GSSHA cross section channels in WMS 9.0

317-12/12/2008-12/16/2008-Unitialized memory crash

233-12/8/2008-12/15/2008-Crash when updating contours

175-11/4/2008-12/12/2008-WMS Crashes after confirming the overwrite of a storm drain file.

191-11/7/2008-12/12/2008-WMS crashes when viewing wetland cells in 2D Grid Display Options

269-12/2/2008-12/12/2008-"Users should set horizontal and vertical units to meters at the beggining of the Volume 5, Chapter 1, HSPF Tutorial."

274-12/3/2008-12/12/2008-WMS crashes when trying to assign detention basin parameters

195-11/10/2008-12/11/2008-Help About Window needs to be updated

161-10/29/2008-12/10/2008-WMS crashes at the end of the CE-QUAL-W2 Tutorial in WMS 8.1

230-11/17/2008-12/10/2008-Bug in WMS 8.2 when right-clicking on a spreadsheet cell and selecting another cell

213-11/12/2008-12/9/2008-"The transform command is in the TIN menu of the data module, but is not in the right-click menu for a TIN (8.1 and 8.2)"

156-10/28/2008-12/8/2008-Measure tool disappears if snapped to a vertex or node in WMS 8.1

232-11/17/2008-12/8/2008-Measure tool cannot trace arcs

289-12/8/2008-12/8/2008-DEM color-filled contours with flow distance contours toggled on causes crash

290-12/8/2008-12/8/2008-Basin labels displayed with excess space between parameters

834-12/8/2008-12/8/2008-GSSHA Bug List from tutorials

More information is available on the xmswiki.com site.


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