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I'm having problems building CE-QUAL segments. While building Branches, the arcs snap right to the feature boundary as long as I click close enough to the boundary, but the segments are not connecting at all. Is anyone else having an issue with this? Is there a way to set snap tolerance?

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I'd make sure the arcs representing your segment boundaries are not in an inactive coverage. If you follow the tutorial instructions exactly, you should be able to snap your segment boundaries to your lake boundary. What you want to do is to create your branch coverage, and then copy your branch coverage into a segment coverage. There is no way to set a snap tolerance, but if you click within a few pixels of an arc in the active coverage, WMS will snap to that arc. Zooming into the arc you are trying to snap to using your mouse scroll wheel will allow you to get closer to the location where you want to snap.

You should have two coverages, a segment coverage and a branch coverage. The segment coverage will have the same lake (or water body) boundary that is used in the branch coverage, but will have additional arcs that represent segment divisions.

By the way, the tutorial I'm referring to is tutorial 5.2, in the WMS tutorial files that are installed with WMS.

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