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WMS 8.2 Beta

Chris Smemoe

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The WMS software developers are excited to announce that the beta version of WMS 8.2 is now available for download! WMS 8.2 can currently be downloaded from this web page, and will soon be made available for download on aquaveo.com. All the latest information on WMS 8.2 will be posted to the WMS wiki page.

A detailed list of the new features available in WMS 8.2 is located on this web site. Some new features available in WMS 8.2 include the following:

  1. Support of calibration and batch mode processes (stochastic modeling) in the GSSHA interface
  2. Improved stream model checker, better stream visualization, stream adjustment to match grid, and improved stream smoothing
  3. Ability to create multiple GSSHA scenarios (multiple GSSHA job controls, sets of index maps, mapping tables, solutions, etc.)
  4. Support of wetlands, sediment transport, and groundwater/surfacewater interaction routines in GSSHA
  5. Improved ability for defining embankment arcs
  6. HEC-RAS 4.0 support
  7. Improved web service client tools
  8. Output animated KMZ files to Google Earth
  9. Dataset zonal classification
If you have a current license of WMS 8.1, you will be able to run WMS 8.2 using your WMS 8.1 password and registration. If you have not yet evaluated WMS and do not currently have a WMS license, you can obtain a 1-month demo register code by clicking on the "Enable" button on startup and selecting the option to get a WMS 8.1 register code (WMS 8.2 register codes are not yet available, but WMS 8.1 register codes will work with the WMS 8.2 beta version).



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A Word About Beta Software: This beta release is meant for experimentation and testing purposes only and not for production work. We will continue to develop this release until we feel it is suitable for final release. Please keep a backup of your files in the event something does go wrong during your testing. We welcome any feedback you may have. This beta will expire 45 days after it was compiled and will not launch after this period.
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