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Wind options can be set in the ADCIRC Model control, on the Wind tab. The different options are described in the ADCIRC model documentation (see http://www.adcirc.org).

ADCIRC can model and compute wind velocities and stresses. The ADCIRC model is able to use wind data from a variety of different file types. The SMS interface is not able to read and create all of the available wind data file types. There are three types that SMS is able to read and create. Even though SMS does not read and create these other file types, it does tell ADCIRC that there is data there, where it is, and how to access it for a simulation to run correctly.

One of the parameters found in the fort.22 file (Single File Meteorological Forcing Input File) will tell a user which of the wind data file types SMS can read and create. The first parameter specified in the fort.22 file is called the NWS value. This value represents what type of wind data is in the file. It can range from 0 to 100+. SMS can read and create fort.22 files that are of the NWS value of 1, 2, or 5. All other values of the NWS value are only shown and directed to the ADCIRC model by SMS so that a simulation will run correctly.

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