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FESWMS: Depth Tolerance

M. McBroom

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I assign a value to the Depth tolerance for drying; let's say 0.5 feet. I understand that a node wil rewet when the water surface is at least 0.5 feet above the node. What about drying a wet element? Does the water have to drop 0.5 feet below the node to turn off or does it turn off as soon as the water drops below the node elevation?

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On the parameters page of the FESWMS Model control you can set the following wetting / drying parameters:

  • Default storativity depth
  • Depth tolerance for drying

Page 3-6 of the FESWMS manual describes the equations using the parameters.

You can see from equation 3-18 that the element is not 100% off until the wse is <= bed_elev - storativity_depth_factor * storativity_depth

When you use storativity in FESWMS, the elements don't turn on / off all at once. It is a gradual change.

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