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Post SRH-2D (error) can't find file.


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I'm getting a post processor error.  OSError: Unable to open file (unable to open file : name "Case_XDFC.h5", errno = 2, error message = "no such file or directory". flags = 0, o_flags =0)

Where is this file supposed to be created?   I have never had this error before.

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I had the same error. The run queue showed that the SRH-2D model finished running, but when I clicked on the model in the queue, I found it was actually throwing an error before post-processing. (One of my boundary conditions had a backwards arc direction). I resolved the error and no longer had an error in post-processing. I'm sure you figured this out or found a workaround since the post is from May 10 but hopefully this helps someone.

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