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Hello again...

Thnx a lot for your great answer but u know really I need to make a simulation for the flooding of dam break by time so...

Is there any tools or command can show me the flooding of dam break by time not as text output file really i need it as a simulation...?

Could u plz the the way and really I'd appreciated your helping me…

Thnx again :rolleyes:

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Hi Memo,

The output from SMPDBK is text, but WMS will read this file and you can view a floodplain from it.

You can do what you need (unsteady dam break simulation) by creating an HEC-RAS dam break model. There are chapters in the WMS tutorials (distributed with WMS) describing the procedures for setting up HEC-RAS models. You will want to go through these chapters to become familiar with the process of setting up a model. After becoming familiar with setting up HEC-RAS models in WMS (if you are not already), you should download the latest version of HEC-RAS (4.0 beta) from HEC's web site (http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/). After installing, you can view the documentation from the help menu when you run HEC-RAS. There is a chapter in the user's manual that describes the procedures for dam break analysis. If you build your model in WMS and then run a dam break analysis in HEC-RAS, WMS will read the HEC-RAS results and delineate the downstream flood at each time step of your analysis. You can then create a "filmloop" animation of your HEC-RAS dam break simulation from within WMS.

Hope this helps,


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