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what does this mean...


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On the CGWAVE output there is a line that reads...

RK(100,200)=4.29239472702834E-004 4.29239472702834E-004

what does this mean? I have a very simple domain that I'm running and I can not figure out why it reads NaN when I run the program. All of my nodes are within the scatter domain and all have positive depths. I've run this same problem in the past, so I don't know what's going on?

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The variable RK is the "wave number" and is equal to 2*PI / the wave length. Is there anything about cell (100, 200) that stands out to you?

You said you've run the same problem in the past

  1. Did you use a different version of CGWAVE?
  2. Have you changed your input files any?

I ask because several of the models have recently changed from the Compaq to the Intel compiler. Any changes in results would be of interest and we would like to report them to the model developer so they can determine if there is an error (usually due to forgetting to initialize a variable).

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