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We are working with WMS8.1-HEC HMS in hydrologic works.

The thing is that we are trying to use Muskingum Cunge method for routing, but the input and output hydrographs are almost the same.

It doesn´t matter if we can bottom width, slopes or roughness... it seems that nothing happens.

We have tried with Muskingum method and the changes of the hydrograph are obvious.

Does anybody knows what could we do?

Thank you in anticipation.


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The problem is either that your data is entered incorrectly for the Muskingum Cunge method or that the routing has no effect on your hydrograph. I just tried entering routing in a model with a stream length of 50000 ft, a slope of .0001 ft/ft, a Manning's n of 0.05, a trapezoidal channel, a bottom width of 40 ft, and a side slope of 1.0, and these numbers had a significant effect on my hydrograph. If you have a steep slope, a channel that is not long enough, or a low Manning's roughness, this may affect your routing to the point that no routing occurs.

Also, make sure you download and install and use the latest version of HMS (3.3)


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