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Large scale complex lithological model


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Hello Everybody

I am working on a regional lithological model for an area of about 110 x 45 km (about 69 x 28 mile). There is a 1:250,000 geological map and about 1,200 well logs in the area. The groundwater system consists of Quaternary sequence of fine marine and coarse alluvial strata. Obviously, some strata will have limited extent in such situation. The quality of available well logs is such that they are very difficult to correlate. My approach is to use topographic elevations at the outcrop of various strata to establish a structural contour map (i.e. horizons representing top levels of layers). Any suggestions on how can I extend interpretation of topo data beyond the surficial extent of the layers, i.e. below the ground? Also, my topo data comes from LiDAR and topo maps and hence quite extensive. I combined them in equally spaced points (100 m) that cover the entire area (approximately 450,000 – 500,000 points). I mapped these to a TIN. Two questions here: (1) is this accuracy practical, and (2) what would be good specs for a computer for such a task.

Sorry for such a long post.

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