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GMS Gaussian field generator


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Hello there, 

I am trying to make use of the fieldgen code as underlined in the GMS manual: https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:Gaussian_Field_Generator

I am using GMS v10.5. The model is 3-layers with a non-uniform structured grid. Hydraulic conductivities for layer 1 and 3 are parameterized using pilot points (~60 for each layer) and kriging. I am trying to generate random HK datasets for these two layers using the gaussian field generator option.

When I try to run fieldgen for 20 realizations, I run into an error message that I can't really figure out, asking for a program recompiling.

I ran the fieldgen executable directly using the command prompt (Requiring to prepare the appropriate Pest files) and it works so I am assuming it would be related to a bug in GMS?

Many thanks for your attention,




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