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Adding Drain Cells


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HI - I am new to GMS.   I have imported an existing USGS model.  I want to add new and/or revised drain cells using the arc tool.  I tried making a new conceptual coverage but the coverage setup dialogue options are greyed out.  Is it not possible to revise and existing model by using the conceptual pathway?  I also note that the existing Drains are not shown in the Project Manager.


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Thanks!  I have edited them with the selection and Dialogue Box.  A little onerous but its modelling.

Recreating a New Conceptual model out of this 4,000,000 node model might be a BIG task for me.

Is this possible by exporting and then importing to a New Conceptual frame work?

Also - I am looking to evaluate individual drain node flows.  I can only get total flow when selecting one or more nodes.  I would like to export the CCF for a select number of drain cells to graph and evaluate.

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My point on the New Conceptual Model is that you were asking why you couldn't add a Coverage.  You can't make a coverage without first having a conceptual model (it doesn't have to have anything in it except your new coverage.

I will have to look into it, but I'm wondering if you would be able to visually show the drain symbols and then export them as a shape file, pull them in as points, and then convert them to drains in a coverage....just brainstorming here.  You would probably lose the attributes of the drain though.  You might be able to export/copy them to Excel at some point, but tying them together could be tough.  Every model is different in getting through things like this.

Regarding evaluating individual drains, set up a plot that shows the flows over time for whatever cell you pick and you can right mouse click on the plot and export the flows for that drain.  I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for or not. 

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