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Build mesh automatically with refinements


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I have a very large domain and I need to build a mesh using SMS 10.0. I have different regions (with very different bathymetry values) and I need different refinements of the mesh. Using a much smaller domain I defined the size of the triangles in each region by using the Node Options box, assigning a default z value and by creating manually nodes in that region. Because it was a small domain, it was possible to do it manually. However, that is not easy in the large domain. How can I do it automatically, based on the bathymetry values? i.e. for a given bathymetry range or value, how can I define the size of the triangles?

Thank you in advance.


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The data calculator can be used to generate a size data set to guide the mesh generation.

The following tutorials using a size data set for mesh generation may be of interest to you:



The ADCIRC tutorial in particular walks you through an example of a manually created size function. The same principles can be used to create a size function based on depth or another data set.

The LTEA tool is also very useful when using ADCIRC.

Once you have created a size data set, the smooth tool is very useful to condition the size data set.

- John

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