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River Flowing into a Lake

Jeff Barry

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I am interested in modeling a river that flows into a lake and to look at contaminate transport from the river into the lake and how the plume is influenced by cross shore currents and wind generated currents within the lake. I am assuming that I can ignore tides on the lake.

I see how I can do bits of this - I could use RMA2 or FESWM and develop a river mesh which then expands in both depth and width as the bed and banks drop away into the lake - kind of like a very large estuary. I could set the d/s boundary to the lake level and even perhaps add a third boundary condition to the edge of the mesh to act as a tributary which would represent the cross shore currents. Run this model in RMA2, get the hydraulics and then run those through RMA 4 to see how the contaminates put in the river will enter and move about in the lake/estuary. Does this make any sense?

What I would be missing is the more complex wind driven currents in the lake.

Is there a way to merge RMA2 and ADCIRC. Or, should I run RMA2 with a d/s boundary at the lake/river interface and then use the output at that point as an input boundary condition to ADCIRC?

Also, can ADCIRC do contaminate transport?

Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.


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To run RMA4, you need an RMA2 solution file. The RMA2 solution file is a binary file, whose format is unique to RMA2, so you will need to do your hydrodynamic modeling in RMA2 to run RMA4.

We recommended that metric units be used for RMA4. This applies to the hydrodynamics that are fed into RMA4 as well.

The RMA2 manual says RMA2 can read an STWAVE radiation stress file to incorporate wave induced currents - See pages 2, 12-14, 24, 47, 117-119 of the RMA2 user manual. There is also a discussion in the manual on storm events. We haven't had any experience using the STWAVE Radiation stress file options at Aquaveo, so if you do use it, we would be interested in hearing more about your experience. We have used the wind and storm options, with mixed results.

ADCIRC does not do contaminate transport at this time.

- John

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