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MODRAT Modeling with the Watershed Modeling System (WMS)

John Howlett

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There is still time to register for the training course "MODRAT Modeling with the Watershed Modeling System (WMS)" February 17-19, 2009 in Alhambra, California (LACDPW Headquarters). For more information, see


Aquaveo invites all water resource and flood control engineers to a training course covering graphical tools in WMS used to perform hydrologic modeling with the Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works Modified Rational (MODRAT) runoff model. An overview of recent enhancements, including reservoir routing and continuous simulations, to the MODRAT model will be presented. The training will also include the debris production and flow bulking calculators in WMS.

These tools have been developed in cooperation with the Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works to take advantage of GIS data layers and computer-assisted watershed definition. There are a limited number of seats allocated for non-county employees in this course - take advantage of this chance to learn automated methods and meet the people who oversee these methods.

Other topics that may be introduced upon request include the implementation of the Orange County Rational and Orange County Unit Hydrograph methods, developed in conjunction with the Orange County Flood Control Hydrology Section, in the WMS software and additional tools for HEC-RAS modeling, floodplain delineation, and 2-D distributed hydrology.

The 3-day course will familiarize attendees with the following topics:

* Learn how the MODRAT model has changed and been improved to perform hydrologic modeling is LA County.

* Find out how to use the MODRAT model with schematic (public-domain) tools.

* Learn to generate MODRAT models from GIS data available from public agencies.

* New continuous simulation option in MODRAT 2.0.

* Learn to use new Debris Production and Hydrograph Bulking tools in WMS for LACDPW hydrology.

* Computation of loss factors from GIS data.

* Reservoir/detention basin routing.

* Automated watershed delineation from digital elevation data (USGS DEMs, survey data, etc.).

* Use of digital terrain data for lag time and time of concentration computations.

* Report generation, including export to Google Earth.

* Tools in WMS for Orange County Rational and Orange County Unit Hydrograph (HEC-1) modeling, including the convex routing method.

* Learn how to create Orange County models (Rational or Hydrograph) from GIS data.

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