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Sediment simulation on SRH-2D: Wrong mod_erosion


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Hi everybody. I've been running a hydraulic model on a reservoir to study potential deposition places. I've made some analysis on velocity and depth but now I'm trying to run a sediment simulation on SRH-2D. I've followed the basic workflow, created the mobile BC type and the sediment material coverage and linked them to the simulation, but when I try to run the simulation I got the following error message on the Pre-processor window:


* Program stopped due to the following:

* Wrong mod_erosion in bound_2dm.f90 #3

* Error Code is: 2


On the BC coverage, the arc #3 is a monitor-line only, nothing related to BC properly.

I've also tried to reduce the number of rows of sediment thresdhold to less than 7, but the same error message appears.

I use SMS 12.2.14.

Any tips on what can be going on? I don't know what to try next. Thanks in advance.

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