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Horizons--> 3D Mesh command


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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I hope you are well. I have studied the StratigraphyModeling-HorizonsTINsAndMeshes. There, the second numbering under the first paragraph under the section of 5 Creating Mesh on page 8, it talks about Horizons--> 3D Mesh command. I believe that even I have done all the previous instructions correctly, I cannot see this option. Please see the attached screenshot. I think that there might be a bug. Otherwise, could you please inform me where my mistake is? Thanks in advance.

Best regards. 1301476169_Horizons_3DMeshoptionisnotvalid.thumb.png.d6aea296dba1db7df35d126d8fbfa0e5.png

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I have Build 10.4.10 installed and I see the Horizons -> 3D Mesh option come up when I look for it.  My only guess is that your license doesn't include the 3D Mesh module.  The pop-up box you show on your screen shot actually covers up the view of the available module icons, so I can't answer that by looking at your screen.  However, the location where the 2D Mesh module would normally be (between the solids module and the 2D grid module) does not show the icon for the 2D Mesh module, so I'm guessing that you don't have either of the 2D Mesh or 3D Mesh modules.  You can figure this out by looking at your license registration and the modules included.

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