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QUOTE (ferlopez @ Jan 22 2009, 10:58 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

We have some old hec-ras projects and we would like to change some modelling conditions.

Is it possible to export a whole .prj project from Hec-Ras to WMS8.1?

Could we manage to import at least the geometry file?

Thanks to all.

Fernando Lopez
Aquatica Ingenieria


You won't be able to import your entire hec-ras model unless the models were originally created with wms. You would have to transfer all the RAS data manually into WMS and essentially set up the projects again from scratch. You may be able to import the geometry file, however, depending on how you setup your RAS model.


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There is actually a chance that you can import your HEC-RAS file into WMS and work with it. WMS may or may not read your cross section data and locations, depending on how your cross sections were created. Try exporting your geometry file from HEC-RAS by opening your project and then selecting the File | Export GIS data command in the HEC-RAS main window. Turn on the option to export User defined cross sections, turn off the option to export water surface elevations, and use the default options for everything else (make sure the options to export your stream centerlines and cross sections are turned on...nothing else really needs to be on). Define a directory and file name to export your file. It is best to end your file with a ".geo" extension so WMS will recognize it as a HEC-RAS geometry file. Select the "Export Data" button. Close RAS, go to WMS, go to the River module, and select HEC-RAS | Import GIS file from the menu. Open the RAS geometry file you exported. You will be prompted for another file containing your cross section database file. Enter a filename for this. Select the "Frame Image" button or menu command and you should hopefully see your model in WMS.

I would make sure you have the latest version of WMS 8.1 before you try this.



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